The Book of Acts

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St. Peter St. Paul
Meaning of his name (Show Hidden Text) Little
Born in Bethsaida Tarsus
Job Fisherman Tentmaker
Marital Status Married (Show Hidden Text)
Sent to Apostle to the circumcised Apostle to the Gentiles
Healing a lame man Acts 3 Acts 14
Raising the dead Tabitha - Ch. 9 Eutychus - Ch. 20
Judged before the Sanhedrin Yes Yes
Healing the sick His shadow did His handerchiefs did
Imprisonment Yes (e.g. Herod Agrippa I) Yes
Writings Wrote 2 epistles - 8 Ch. Wrote 14 epistles - 100 Ch.
Died Crucified (Show Hidden Text)

Note: Both St. Peter and St. Paul were beheaded by Nero the Emperor

St. Luke

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All Nations

Person Book of Acts Original Race Genesis
The Ethiopan Church 8: 36 - 38 (Show Hidden Text) 10: 6 - 20
Saul of Tarsus 9: 1 - 6 (Show Hidden Text) 10: 21 - 31
Cornelius 10: 3 - 48 (Show Hidden Text) 10: 2 - 5

Geographical Expansion

Growth in the Early Church


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